3 Steps to overcome Imposter Syndrome

I have recently encountered a PROFOUND teaching shared by Jean Slatter, a spiritual teacher who shares some extraordinary wisdom and knowledge.

She spoke on Imposter Syndrome and how many of us, in any profession, including top CEOs! Can experience feelings of being an imposter and feeling Inadequacy, even though we are perfect for the role, have the skill sets or walking our path and life purpose.

So many of us in the spiritual community experience feeling this way when we first come out of the closet, stepping into our path and getting out there to follow our life’s purpose. I will share with you Jean’s secret formula and the three (3) profound steps on how to overcome this Imposter Syndrome.


Accept the gifts your higher self, your soul and spirit have given you. Your gifts are not gifts that you have earned! Or skills you have developed! They were given to you… Because you are a God-Self, a powerful, eternal soul experiencing a human life and you were given these gifts and abilities.

Claim your gifts, abilities or skill sets as yours! This is your path to follow and your set of skills to share and express to the world.

This step is where the magic happens! Proclaim your gifts, abilities or skills to the world!

We are being encouraged by spirit to step into the light and understand that the time is NOW for you to fully step into your path and do what you have come here to do!! And share your gifts with the world. So proclaim your gifts!! Who are you, and why have you come here?

Once you proclaim it and feel it in your bones that this is who you are and why you’re here, no one in this world can tell you otherwise.

OWN IT!!! And step confidently into the light. You are not here by mistake! You are here at this potent time in earths history to do what you’ve come here to do.

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