Crystal Art and Grids

What is Crystal Art?

Crystal Art is also known as a Crystal Grid, a sacred geometric pattern created by placing different crystals in a specific layout, which amplifies their energy and intention. The crystals in the grid work together to create a powerful energy field that can enhance healing, manifestation, protection, and spiritual practices.

The benefits of using crystal grids are numerous, depending on the combination of crystals. Crystal grids can help to:

  • Promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Enhance meditation and spiritual practices
  • Promote manifestation of desires and goals
  • Protect the home, workplace or self
  • Promote emotional balance, peace and harmony

Crystal grids are a powerful tool for those seeking to enhance their spiritual practice, promote healing, and manifest their desires. Using specific crystals and patterns, crystal grids can amplify and direct energy towards a particular intention, providing powerful support for personal growth and transformation.

Crystal grids are a simple and effective way to harness the power of crystals and direct their energy towards a specific intention. 

Suppose you don't resonate with a pre-made crystal grid. We also offer custom-channelled crystal grids specifically designed for your energy, birth chart or needs. Email us at with your custom grid request.