A Solar Eclipse unlike any other

Not long now…. Early tomorrow morning at 04:17AM AEST, the perfect alignment of Mother Earth 🌏 the Moon 🌚 and the Sun 🌞 will occur, flooding all of us with highly-charged, high-frequency light particles ✨ and ushering in a new dawn and direction for all of humanity 🙌🏼
As with all eclipses, there is a period of darkness, but we are being asked to focus our attention on the blinding light that will emerge from the darkest period of the eclipse. Spirit 🫧 is saying in order for us to appreciate the light truly, we must first fully experience the darkness, as the darkness teaches us strength and wisdom for the light to show us love and illumination. There is nothing to fear 🫶🏼
So the question is… what are you choosing to focus on, the light or the dark? Fear or hope? Positive or negative? This eclipse will reflect back at you whatever you are offering 😉 Either way, this is a pivotal moment in time and Earth's existence.
If you want to experience the magic of this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime eclipse and incoming energies fully, here’s what you can do:
Take timeout before you sleep tonight, or if you’re game, set your alarm for 04:00AM tomorrow to sit within the eclipse energies directly to set your intentions on what experiences you want to manifest for yourself in the coming years, for all of humanity and for Mother Earth 💖
Create a space by lighting a candle🕯 or an incense stick. Connect yourself with Source Energy by visualising white light entering your Crown. Call in your higher self and spirit team, then write your intention down on paper, visualise it, feel it in your heart as if it has already happened, meditate with it, and see it fully illuminated by the sun’s rays ☀️
I am sending so much love to all of you. See you on the other end 🫶🏼

Peace ✌🏼 Love ❤️ and Good Vibes ✨

Emma D

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