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Tonight, we have a super full moon at 6° in Aries, the last super full moon for 2023. This Lunar event is particularly significant because it marks the last moon cycle before the eclipse season begins in October!

Aries is the initiator, the spark of light who creates new life. It's a 'go-getter' with a drive and thirst for leadership and is constantly pioneering to be out in front, paving a path for others to follow. It's super energetic and is the primordial fire spark of the divine that wants to manifest itself: no fire, no life.

The element of fire is one of transformation and purification. It burns everything to ash to allow new life to come in, removing all that doesn't serve and giving way to new beginnings. Fire energy is spiritual energy and it offers awareness and consciousness, shining a light to make everything visible. It is the birthplace of all consciousness.

Now... The moon is associated with our emotions, feelings, reactions and the subconscious. When you have a SUPER FULL MOON, everything is on steroids: amplified, heightened and intensified even more so. When you combine emotions with fiery energy... you can imagine the results.

The moon in Aries can be impatient, hot-headed, and flare up quickly with a fiery temper. So, be super mindful of your emotions and emotional reactions at this time; STOP, BREATH and THINK before reacting. Breathwork is a fantastic tool to cool tempers and reset the brain. If something upsets you, remember... breathe.

On the flip side, however, an Aries moon knows what it needs and wants with an eagerness and impatience to get started. It's independent, passionate, driven, and ruled by the planet of action, Mars. So, there is a sense of eagerness in the air to start new projects, get cracking on that to-do list or even an urgency to get back on track with your soul's purpose, walk your life path and do your spiritual work.

So this Super Full Moon is asking you... How can the element of fire and action assist you in your life?

What do you need to throw into the flames that no longer serve you? What do you need to transform in your life to align you with your path? What do you need to realise and burn to ashes for it to be reborn?

Tonight's Super Full Moon is a completion of a cycle and what feels like new beginnings ahead. The question is, what do you want to bring into this new cycle with you?... Tonight is an opportunity to release what you don't.


Peace! Love! & Good Vibes!

Emma. D

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