August Insights

Can you believe we’re already in August!? We only have FOUR (4) months left of 2023!!

We are entering and stepping into a potent and transformational month. We’re not only in the middle of the Leo session (22 July - 22 Aug), which is associated with boldness, confidence, self-assurance, and unapologetically standing in your power! But August 2023 is putting on TWO (2) SUPERMOON lunar shows for us, which will amp up the collective energies even more! 

To set the stage (Leo pun intended), Today, 1 Aug, we have the first Supermoon in the sign of Aquarius asking us to understand and deeply connect with our authenticity, leading the way and setting the example of how we want others to treat us; vibrate on a specific frequency and you can’t help but attract the same frequency, like for like - it’s quantum physics

Aquarius is also the humanitarian and always does what’s best for the group, but! You can’t fill from an empty cup, and you sure as hell can’t expect others to treat you well if you can’t treat yourself well first. We are being asked to dive into who we are as individuals to discover who we are as a collective.

From here… we have the much anticipated Lion's Gate portal on 8 Aug, guiding us to transmute anything and everything that no longer serves us or our purpose into a higher frequency, which will, in turn, propel us into a new reality and higher timeline to experience rapid spiritual growth and expansion, individually and collectively.

To finish this energetically jam-packed month, on 31 Aug, we have a SECOND Supermoon (Bluemoon), the closest, biggest, and brightest full supermoon of 2023, in Pisces further expanding our intuition and increased self and collective awareness for all life on earth, as a united whole.

So… be kind and gentle with yourself, be present and grounded and allow yourselves to FEEL your way through August. Practise mindfulness; meditate, journal, perhaps do breathwork and integrate a daily grounding routine. Remember, we are all in this together; what you’re feeling is likely what others are also feeling - Be kind and compassionate.

Peace! Love! & Good Vibes!

Emma. D

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