Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it

My Intention for this post:
Open the readers' mind to the understanding of how energy works within our reality, and to guide the reader in increasing their vibrations.


Let's talk physics, our human form and everything around us is made of pure energy source - Atoms, which are made up of protons, electrons, and neutrons = ENERGY!

Energy vibrates and is continuously moving, nothing is solid. When energy vibrates, it creates frequencies; a visual example of this is, putting sand on a speaker and playing music. The sand will form different patterns when you play different frequencies, and this is how energy works.

Everyone and everything on this planet has a unique energy frequency they vibrate on, people who are energy sensitive, like Empaths, can feel other peoples vibrations. You've probably experienced something similar too. Have you ever met someone and you instantly thought, "wow, they're cool, I like their vibe" or, "dam, I don't trust them, their vibe is sketchy as." Vibes are vibrations, vibrations are frequency, frequency is energy.

It's pretty impressive when you tap into the knowledge and connect the dots, and realised, how incredible this reality is.  

Once you have a solid understanding of the basics, connect with your own energy frequency, what frequency do you vibrate on? Check out the chart below. The higher the frequency, the more positive the energy, the lower the frequency, the more negative the energy is. Our vibrations create a ripple in an energetic ocean, what you emit, is what you will receive in return. When you feel happy, you'll notice happy people throughout your day. When you're in a shitty mood, you will attract shitty people.

The higher your vibration, generally, the happier, heathier and more positive you feel. There are countless ways you can raise your vibrations, but here are three to start with

1. Unconditional Love
Love is one of the highest vibrations you can possibly achieve. Think of someone you love, close your eyes and sit with this person in your mind. You will feel your whole body elevate and feel lighter, this is your vibration shifting. Being in nature is also the best way to increase your vibrations. Mother Gaia herself is unconditional love.

2. Gratitude
Gratitude is a POWERFUL-high-vibrational-energy, and it can seriously flip you from low vibes, to high vibes in an instant. Find things you are grateful for and feel your vibrations increase.

3. Bring awareness to your thoughts.
Everything you think, say or feel is energy, if a negative thought creeps in, the first thing to do is acknowledge it. Bringing awareness to the thought is step one! If you're not conscious of it, how are you meant to change it? When the negative thought appears, take the time to stop, connect with the feeling of the thought and replace it with a positive one.

Every living and non-living thing in our reality is made of energy. Even Mother Gaia has her own unique energy signature, and it's beautiful! It's grounding, soothing and healing, that's why it feels so good to be on the grass bare foot or to walk in nature. When you expand your awareness of energy and vibrations around you, you open a whole new world of understanding with how this universe works, and how abundantly available everything is.

Albert Einstein said “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”


Peace! Love! & Good Vibes!

Emma. D

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