“I carry the Infinite Light of the Universe Within”

I want to share an unexpected but magical journey I experienced a couple of weeks ago in a meditation.

As with all my meditations, I closed my eyes, focused on my breath, relaxed into the meditative space and connected myself with Source, anchoring its energy into my heart space.  

As my mind slowly drifted and my thoughts quietened, with my mind's eye, I found myself underwater, floating in the abyss and depths of the ocean. The Ocean Orisha Yemonja suspended me in her vastness of darkness and ocean space. 

From the depths, a beautiful and majestic Humpback Whale swam up towards me, greeting me with an abundance of unconditional love, and as an old friend reuniting after a long time apart and began swirling around me, sweeping me into her flow and dancing together. She told me her name was Cha-kar-rie.

"My kind and I are ancient souls who have come from the stars. We answered the call to be the record keepers for Mother Earth and the guardians of her oceans.

We program her waters with ancient universal knowledge and energy, imprinting water molecules with memories from across the multi-dimensional galaxies. We arrived before the time of Ancient Lemuria to sing your world into existence and worked closely with the Lemurians and Mu people when they came. Since then, we have been holding the song lines for Mother Earth," she said.

At this point, I was on Cha-kar-rie's back, and we began swimming in an upward direction until the ocean turned into space. We were floating through a galaxy dotted with billions of stars and towards a distant city made of lights, an energetic city. 

Cha-kar-rie explained that she was taking me to her home planet. When we arrived, we floated through the energetic light city and into a glowing turquoise lake, "These are the healing waters of my planet, much like your ocean on earth. These waters will heal your physical and energetic body", she said.

"You see, my species and I are record keepers, not only for Mother Earth but for all planets across all dimensions and galaxies, and we see to it that all knowledge is properly recorded. You and I are old friends. You, too, once lived here as a record keeper, recording knowledge, just as I do now. We have also worked together in some of your Lemurian lifetimes, where you were a horticulturist. You managed the plantation of energetic seeds containing ancient knowledge and energy codes for Mother Earth and her oceans," she said.

After a short while, Cha-kar-rie indicated that our time together on her planet was ending and that I would start to make the journey back to my physical form. I thanked her and expressed my deepest gratitude for the journey, healing and experience together.

When I called all aspects of myself back to the present moment, I reached out to a friend to share my experience, who recommended I read the Humpback Whale Animal Medicine TLC by Melissa Fitzwilliam. It reads:

In the Earth's sacred cycle and the animal kingdom, the humpback whale is connected to the diamond with the simple purpose of "Light Body".

Humpback's affirmation: "I carry the infinite light of the universe within"

I am the humpback whale, a powerful being you know so well, yet do you remember our times together? For often, I visit a place forgotten where you lay in sleep beneath our beloved moon, and together we've danced within the space between worlds where our friendship is profoundly unwavering.

I am the pathway to your ascension; wake up! I ask you to allow the unification of your worlds to bring the playground of dreams into your awakened reality. Here in remembrance, you'll find me whilst recalling my majestic song as it beckons you back into the ocean's welcoming embrace. Her waters of purity carry you gracefully to my side.

The time is now to reconsider the unknown. Fluent in our movement are the currents we swim, guided and aware, flowing with the power of intuition, finding the magic that rests upon our every breath of question with every stroke we take, creating a new way treading un-chartered waters, hand in hand never are we alone.

Our bodies are large for protection, yet weightless as we navigate our grids of purpose. Through the oceans, we travel carrying ancient wisdom to all corners of the world alongside the seasons of change. Waters we breach, skies we will reach, capturing our limitless possibilities, ruling in truth, commanding the crystalline glory that we are into realisation.

We are of the stars birthed into magnificent wonder, masters of our emotions, creators of our reality, magicians of our dreams carrying the infinite light of the universe within. ~ Melissa Sha-Ka.

This experience is just so profoundly and divinely timed! Because here on the East Coast of Australia, we have only just begun seeing the first of many whales who will travel past us on the Gold Coast, migrating North to warmer waters. I feel blessed and sit in deep gratitude for such a magical experience.


Peace! Love! & Good Vibes!

Emma. D

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