Is happiness the purpose of our existence?

What if your divine purpose on Earth is to remember unconditional love and that happiness is your only purpose? What if it were that simple?

Why do we feel the need to put conditions on happiness or being in a state of joy? We think we must have certain things, be with certain people, or live in a particular place to be happy.

But when you realise that happiness is a state of mind and strip away all the conditions we attach to it, it's a powerful mindset. It allows you to reclaim your power and not freely give it away to people or external factors, giving way to experiencing the true essence of joy.

I am not saying that someone should bury any feeling or emotion that isn't happiness or joy or mindlessly dismiss and even avoid negative emotions; no! Our human life in this 3D reality is not that straightforward. I'm simply saying that if happiness was your single purpose in life, no matter the circumstances, mindfully return to a state of happiness and understand on a deeper level what will support your true functions, which is to be happy.

Ascended Master, The Divine Director, who is also known as Master Maha Chohan Ragoczy (pronounced Maw-haw-ko-han Rag-ok-see), is a cosmic being of the Blue Ray who encourages us to open ourselves to the divine will and shares the teachings of inner authority and spiritual discipline. The Divine Director guides us to understand that we are not alone and are constantly being divinely guided to realise that happiness is our true purpose.

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Our human lives are the only place and time we get to experience the feeling of happiness and joy, and if this lifetime was your only chance, would you not take the opportunity to experience it in its entirety? Yes, life is sometimes hard and filled with big piles of poo, but each situation and experience allows you to learn, grow and evolve as a soul, as the darkest moments are the ones that build strength and shape us into who we become. What occurs in our human life provides the real learning curve for our soul.

The Divine Director reminds us that the only time that truly exists is NOW, and if the past has been and gone and the future is yet to come, then now is genuinely all we have.

You can not wait until life isn't hard before you choose to be happy because happiness is precisely that, a choice.

He reminds us that happiness transmutes all energy to the highest frequencies, elevating your entire being, and that darkness can not exist when happiness and laughter are present.

Do what makes you happy and trust the universe is encouraging you to continue moving forward on your path and journey towards happiness and joy.


Peace! Love! & Good Vibes!

Emma. D

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