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Who am I?

I like to think of myself as a happy-go-lucky, bubbly, super friendly, positive person with an infectious laugh that you can hear a mile away.

I had my spiritual awakening in 2012 and knew I had a mission to make this world a better place by sharing my love and high vibes with anyone willing to be the best version of themselves. You’ll always find me talking and chatting to someone, sharing my passion for life! I’ve always been that person everybody comes to for advice, and I am so so happy to share my wisdom with anyone who wants to hear it.

I am an old soul and have lived many lifetimes over and being an intuitive empath, among many other things, it has given me this beautiful ability to connect with people on a much deeper level.

I always say you change the world by starting with yourself and then the people around you! 

What if I was to ask you; in your entire life your one mission was to change one person’s life, just one! What would you say to that? You might say, “Well, that doesn’t seem too hard, right?” And then imagine if all of humanity had this exact same mission, what the world would be like?

I started questioning my reality at a young age. When I was a little girl, I used to have the most colourful, vivid dreams, going on adventures every single night; And I still do! I can recall dreams from my childhood and wake up most mornings remembering my dreams from the night before. I've always thought everybody dreamt like this, to only discover in my older years that it just wasn't so. I could feel energies around me, not knowing what these energies were all they did was frighten me as a little girl. My beautiful mother was a devoted Christian, she used to comfort me and brush the feelings off by telling me it was the Holy Ghost and Jesus Christ. Being devoted to her religion mum ensured both my younger brother and I were born into the same faith. Baptisms, Sunday services and scripture bible studies were a MUST! And it all served its purpose for a little while. 

However, by the age of 13, my questions grew louder! And the answers I was given was not quenching my thirst for what I was searching for; even though I had no clue at that age what I was looking for! At this point, I went in search for who knows what, and stumbled into my partying teen years. Let’s call these years “The Twilight” because, let’s be honest, I burnt a lot of brain cells throughout these experimental times. I spent most of my time testing the boundaries and finding out how far I can push the limits of reality. 

One morning nursing a killer hangover, it hit me like lightning to the brain! I was miserably unfulfilled and so at the age of 21 I went in search of spiritual meaning. I turned back to religion thinking I would find my answers there, but I was only met with more brick walls. And then 2009 hit like a tsunami!

I used to pray to God for strength, not realising what I was asking for. Through all the trials and heartache, I definitely became the strong woman I am today, and I’m grateful that my prayers were answered. To say 2009 was one of the hardest years of my life is an understatement! My entire reality collapsed beneath my feet. First the job, then the boyfriend, the best friend, my apartment and the icing on the cake was my beautiful mother’s sudden passing. It broke me! I spent the next couple of years in a massive blur.

In 2012 I woke from my daze and went in search of myself. I solo travelled throughout Europe and other parts of the world. I self-studied Quantum Physics and started reading books like The Secret, expanding my knowledge. I believed I controlled my fears and not the other way around and conquered my phobia of Great White sharks by cage diving with them in South Australia. I studied and completed my degree in marketing and I was asked to join the marketing team of the company I was working for at the time. I started dating and met, and married my now darling husband.

The turning point

My self-discovery in 2012 was my turning point. I become so aware of my reality that I started feeling the same kind of energies as I did in my childhood. I was so confused and overwhelmed by all of it; all I wanted was for all of it to just go away as it used to scare the bejesus out of me. I remember how in 2015, I was scrolling through Facebook and stumbling across a post explaining what an intuitive empath is and the characteristics of being one. This moment was the biggest epiphany for me, as I felt it explained, for the first time, everything about one of the gifts that I have been given. It resonated so deep within my core I burst into tears as I called my best friend explaining the events that had unfolded. This opened a whole new world of research and I learnt to tackle the “observe not absorb” technique. 

Fast forward to 2015 a dear friend of mine had suggested joining her for a yoga class. I was very much a beginner and before giving in, I debated with her that this class was way to advance for me! But she insisted and I am grateful she did. This pivotal moment-in-time triggered a chain-reaction starting with one word: WHY? Why did I become so emotional throughout this class? This simple question uncovered many shadows, hidden truths and unearthed seeds that I had buried so deep within myself; I didn’t even know they were there. This moment pushed me onto an unseen path, a path in the dark with only a rope to guide me. All I had was trust and knowing I was being guided to heal and love my broken pieces.

Now! In 2017, imagine me walking down this path in the dark, hanging onto this hypothetical rope and with all the nice things I had collected over the last few years tucked away in my pockets. The universe thought it might be a great idea to add a step up to elevate and fast track my progress; being in the dark, naturally I tripped on the step! And do you know what flew out of my pocket on my way down? My job! My corporate marketing job! A job I quite liked and I kicked and screamed with letting it go.

Of course, it needed to happen for me to experience my “ego-death” and to fully embrace my spiritual path, awakening and higher calling. This free-up of my time allowed me to be at the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people. It gave me opportunities in the following years to study and join workshops to meet like-minded people; Propelling me into embracing my gifts and really stepping into my path as a light-worker, an energy healer, an intuitive empath, a teacher, a way-finder for others and my clairvoyant gifts that are still developing.

You see, for me, my spiritual awakening was not all sunshine and rainbows. It was about raw emotional truths, realities, facing myself and confronting aspects of who I really am to heal and love my broken pieces. Most spiritual awakenings are ugly and messy, but I promise you the result is well worth the ride and you will never look back once your eyes are open.

My mission in this lifetime is to be a beacon of light to guide others through their awakenings and spiritual journeys. I am simply a communicator of light; one of many within this world. What I aim to achieve is to increase the vibration of humanity by sharing my authentic truths, stories, spiritual awakening, my journey with all of you in hopes to inspire and empower you to also step into your best self. 

Peace! Love! & Good Vibes

Emma. D

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