Scorpio ♏️ New Moon

Tonight, we have a New Moon at 20° Scorpio ♏️, and boy, we are already amid the energies at play and even more so post 11:11 portal. Our dream state has shifted and become much more vivid, interactive, and lucid, seeing all worlds in HD colour 🎨

Scorpio energy Is intense; it’s still waters that run very deep. It’s passionate, focused and emotionally driven, and conjunct its ruler, Mars, it will do whatever it takes to succeed. Scorpio rules the early evening when the light fades and the unknown into the darkness of night - a time to be intimate, trusting and creating strong emotional bonds with others, including yourself 💝

A New Moon in Scorpio feels everything and everyone around it; intuition and psychic sight increase by 110%! It’s transformational, evolutionary and changing energy ruled by the 8th House of Death and Rebirth and ready to release all that doesn’t serve it, and trusting that it has the ability and tools to transform into what it’s meant to become.

A New Moon is the beginning of the Lunar cycle, and it’s a time to plant seeds and manifest the experiences you want to experience. It’s a perfect time to sit down, feel and trust that you can redirect your life wherever you want to take it.

AND THE TIME IS NOW….. We’re all being asked to shift into another gear and step into our paths and the purpose of why we are here. Writing is an ideal way to transform energy (thoughts) into matter 📝and manifest your experiences.


Peace ✌🏼 Love ❤️ and Good Vibes ✨

Emma D

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