No one is YOU! And that is your SUPERPOWER!

Being perfect is so overacted, and frankly, there’s no such thing. Perfection is not real, and I have never wanted to strive for perfection! You don’t learn anything from being perfect, and you definitely don’t grow from living a perfect life. Instead of striving for perfection, I try to aim for AUTHENTICITY. Being imperfectly human! I want to inspire others to be REAL and their best authentic selves; whatever that may look like.

The dictionary definition of authentic is "of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine".

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a copy, I don’t want to look and sound or be like anyone else! No one is like you, and that is your superpower. I’ll write that again to let it resonate a little deeper.... No one is YOU! And that is your SUPERPOWER!

People get so caught up sometimes with the idea of trying to be who they think they should be, rather than allowing themselves to just be. To just be their authentic selves and to let go of any judgment or what others may think of them. Other people’s opinions and thoughts of you are actually non-of-your-business. Don’t concern yourself with it, it only lowers your vibes and weighs you down.

I feel there’s a misconception out there that spiritual leaders are meant to look and act a certain way like we should have sunshine and rainbows shooting out of our arses all the time. That we are meant to wear all white, not drink alcohol or swear, or not have triggers or have a bad day. I’m certainly not all love and light! And neither should anyone else be. I will come from a place of love, but I will say it as I see it and won’t indulge in trying to be anything other than who I am.

Being a spiritual leader also doesn’t mean you are always right! We are simply here to create a space for others to ask, learn, question, think and for you to come to your own conclusions of what you believe and what you resonate with! There’s no wrong or right, there is only what you feel within your heart and what you resonate with. We are simply here to guide you in finding your own answers. The task for us is to be authentic with our teachings and share our knowledge authentically to guide you to your own answers.

I break all the stereotypes! I’m loud and quirky, I wear bright coloured clothing with crazy hairstyles; I occasionally drink alcohol and eat meat! There are some days I don’t meditate and occasional days where I just want to hang out in my pit of misery and cry! I am not going to hide any of these aspects of myself to “look spiritual” No! F**k that! These things make me, me. It’s not always about love and light all the time, there has to be darkness for you to appreciate the light! And that includes ourselves. You can’t have the Yin without the Yang. For me, I have learnt to love and understand every aspect of what makes me, me! I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today if I hadn’t experienced life; because that’s what it is. We have come to this planet to experience what it’s like to be human, with human emotions, reactions, love, death and growth. 

We all signed up for this ride! We signed up to be right here and right now in this lifetime and in our human form. The world needs you to be your beautiful, authentic and your true self. 

Peace! Love! & Good Vibes

Emma. D


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