Not Everything Needs A Reaction

I want to tell you a story.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I went and did some grocery shopping at a local supermarket. The car park was completely full, so I circled a few times and found someone about to pull out of their spot. I pulled to the side, put my blinker on and waited patiently until the car spot became available. While waiting, the energy in the car became impatient, and my husband suggested to “just grab another spot”, but I was determined, so I continued to wait.

After a short while, the car powered up and pulled out of the car spot. As I was about to pull in, I was suddenly cut off by an older gentleman WHO STOLE THE PARKING SPOT! This individual had no reaction what so ever to my beeping and looked pleased with himself for finding a prime car spot.

I started laughing in disbelief because I couldn’t believe what had just unfolded in front of me.

I felt my brain snap, my blood heating up, my face going red, and I was seriously about to lose my shit! Because there was nothing I could do about what had just happened.

I’m sure you can imagine what happened next, right? But what you think may have happened, actually didn’t.

At that moment, something very different occurred. I paused, and it felt like everything around me stopped, and I saw two scenarios play out in my minds’ eye. One scene with me ranting, screaming, reacting, huffing and puffing, and verbally abusing this other person. And in the other scene, I capped my volcanic explosion, controlled my reaction and drove off.

The first scenario is usually how things play out, and I hulk my way through. But, for the first time ever, a different timeline presented itself to me, and guess which one I chose? That’s right, I simply drove off.

I pulled into another spot which had just become available and parked the car. My husband gave me the space I needed and got out of the car to grab a shopping trolley. I sat there in complete silence and didn’t move, feeling my way through these emotions and breathing through it.

I observed the moment, I calmed myself and realised the one and only thing I had complete control over at that moment was my emotional reaction. After some deep breathing, I decided to continue my day as if nothing happened.

I was proud of myself, and I actually felt empowered by the choice I made. The real power lies within your inner peace and realising you are in complete control of yourself, emotions and reactions.


Peace! Love! & Good Vibes!

Emma. D

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