Self Love is an inside job!

One of the many lessons I’ve given myself to learn in this life is Self-Love! And the journey I’ve been on in recent weeks is about accepting my beautiful self just the way I am.

A spiritual teacher said in one of her videos “You’re not fat! You have fat” this simple statement shook me!! & it was like lighting to my brain! My entire life I have always been labelled “plus-size” abundantly curvy, is what I like to call it, but always trying to be something different.
What I’ve come to realise in the last few weeks is that I’ve chosen this body for this life! I HAVE CHOSEN MY HUMAN. And what a freaking, amazing warrior body at that too! 

It has held strong with everything that has been thrown at it over the years; abuse! Hate! Disrespect! Overeating! Starvation! Crash diets! Brutal workouts! Pushing myself so far to the point of injuries! My warrior body has withstood EVERYTHING!! And it has gotten me through 35 years of life with nothing but pure unconditional Love in return. My body has always shown me strength, adaptability, support and continues to forgive me each single day for the neglect and negative ways I have mistreated her.

Yes, I can be lighter, yes, I can be slimmer, yes, I can be whatever it is that my heart desires BUT! How can I expect my body to give me what I want when I can’t even love and appreciate what it has already given me?! I have asked so much, and I have never given anything in return. 

And if I could say anything to my body, it would be this;

Dear Body,

We have now been together for 35 years and we have been through tough times and some good times too. Our relationship hasn't always been a positive and loving one, there were many times I should have loved you, but I didn't and I AM sincerely SORRY. I am sorry for mistreating you and not loving you as you have loved me.

You have withstood everything I have ever thrown at you and you always held strong. You battled and always found the strength to get back up after you were knocked down. You have kept me safe and strong to fight illness and sickness and I have never, not once stopped to appreciate you. I’ve never told you how amazing and wonderful you are or even thanked you for always being able to do what needs to be done.

I want to make you a promise; from this day forth I will love you unconditionally. No matter what size you are I will love you and appreciate how beautiful you are every single day! I will embody the vibration of love and treat you like the goddess you are. I promise to appreciate everything about you and care for you with loving tenderness.

You are amazing! I love you now and forever.

Lots of love Emma

It's one thing talking and preaching about self-love and another thing living and breathing it, and fully embodying this way of being. It’s taken me 35 years, but I have finally found a new sense of love and appreciation for the body I currently have. 



This was such beautifully written and I can definitely relate to it.


I’ve worked in plus size fashion store.
But have never really loved myself ever. I am nearly 58 so for me to love myself will be hard. Pretending is what I’m good at. I am not good to myself.
Loved what you wrote.
You have always been a bright light .
How do we start?


It is glorious to hear you embrace and appreciate the vessel you travel this earth In ❤️

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