We don’t manifest THINGS, we manifest EXPERIENCES

The last few nights, the dream world has been extreeeeeeeeemely active! Last night’s dream was particularly vivid, and the message I received was super clear….

We repeat stories/themes until we learn, elevate, and grow from them, transmuting the energy or rewriting the story!! Now….. it’s not the first time I’ve heard this theory, “You repeat what you don’t learn,” BUT it’s the first time I was shown how it works!! And I’ll try to explain.

Multitudes of stories play out across all our different lifetimes, stories we choose as part of our soul’s contract to play a role in. The stories include different experiences, some such as trauma or lessons to learn and transfer over to varying lifetimes if we don’t realise the lesson or the trauma wasn’t transmuted and healed.

We’re guided to experience the same story, to rewrite the story and experience!!!

We have opportunity after opportunity to

  • Change the outcome
  • Experience the story differently
  • Change and transmute the energies and heal


Kinda sounds similar to the movie Groundhog Day, huh!? And you totally have the choice to look at it with an opposing point of view, thinking, “Holy shit!! I have to play out the trauma over and over!!?!” or take it as an opportunity to realise… You are the most powerful being; you’re in control and have always had the courage and strength within you to write and play out the story differently.

Just simply realising this automatically shifts, moves and unblocks energies in your physical body and energy field.

And there’s been some HUUUUUGE shifts occurring in the collective!!! Lots of releasing from things that no longer serve us and profound story rewrites as of late! We are indeed levelling up and rebirthing a different version of ourselves.

Take timeout to go inwards with the New Moon in Leo tonight and plant some new seeds. Perhaps do some journaling, visualising and write down what experiences you want to have or rewrite.

Remember, we don’t manifest THINGS. We manifest EXPERIENCES.

Fantastic crystals to work with at this time are 💜 Amethyst 💙 Lapis Lazuli 🧡 Carnelian or 💗 Rhodochrosite.

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