Golden Ray

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DESCRIPTION: Taking you on a journey through happiness, enlightenment, vitality and abundance. This Crystal Grid is jam-packed with positive and vibrant vibes and wants to encourage you to find your most authentic self and creative self-expression. Placed in any room or space, the crystal alchemy within this grid will instantly remove unwanted energy by flooding the space with pure golden light, calling in prosperity, joy, abundance, good luck and fortune, weaving its positivity throughout any space.

BENEFITS: Abundance, Sun energy, vitality, illumination, divinity, sense of self, identity or ego, activates creativity, creative self-expression, joy, happiness, courage, uplifting, balance and harmony, heightens intuition, energy boost, positivity, willpower, Solar Plexus activation.

INSPIRATION: The Sun Cross is one of the oldest symbols used throughout various cultures and civilisations before the beginning of time. The sun is essential to our very existence and all life on Earth and represents light, growth, spiritual enlightenment, illumination and an abundance of energy. It’s a powerful symbol that guides us with the wisdom that the sun will always rise even after the darkest of nights, and, as with our life, its cyclical nature and its eternal return, rebirth, and renewal are part of life.

CRYSTALS: Stained Glass Sunflower, Pyrite, Jade, Citrine, Fire Quartz, Sunstone, Clear Quartz, Clear Quartz Geometric Pyramids, Rhinestone.

FRAME SIZE: 40cm X 40cm


IMPORTANT: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.