Divine Path

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DESCRIPTION: A potent fusion of Labradorite and Selenite, bringing together pure angelic liquid light and all-encompassing protection. Combining these two crystals allows for safe exploration into alternate levels of consciousness and shielding against all negative, lower vibrating energy, walking the divine path with strength, courage and without fear. It represents strong spiritual communication, clarity and calling on higher wisdom from the celestial world and intuition to bring about transformation.

BENEFITS: Powerful protection and shielding, enhances mental and emotional clarity and clear vision, guidance through life changes and transformation imparting strength and perseverance, courage, spiritual awareness, purity and high vibrations, healing, instil deep peace, love and calm.

INSPIRATION: An excellent crystal grid and a powerful tool for meditation. The perfect harmony of YIN and YANG, light and dark energy, encouraging a balance between grounding and connecting to the highest angelic realms. The intention behind this crystal grid is to remove all obstacles and travel the path of life with the purest connection and without fear.

CRYSTALS: Labradorite, Selenite.

FRAME SIZE: 30cm X 30cm


IMPORTANT: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.