Elemental Seed

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DESCRIPTION: Ancient Atlanteans worked with crystals and used natural earth portal technology to connect with the greater wisdom of the universe. The sacred geometric patterns, high vibrations, and frequencies within this crystal grid open a connection to Mother Gaia, Earth's magic and the Elemental Kingdom. It holds the vibration of healing, soul evolution, and a deep and profound relationship with nature spirits that remind us that we are pure magic!

BENEFITS: Connecting with nature-spirits, elementals and fairy realm, change and transformation, new beginnings or fresh starts, taking a leap of faith, moving out of your comfort zone, adaptability, joy, lightness, air-element, self-realisation, good luck and prosperity, intuition and insight of clear vision.

INSPIRATION: Dragonflies fly forward, never looking back, appreciating each precious moment and loving every second of their earthly life. They symbolise change, transformation, spiritual growth, soul evolution, rebirth, new beginnings, ancient wisdom and understanding the deeper meaning of life, providing clarity around your soul's purpose as you navigate your life path here on Earth.

CRYSTALS: Amazonite, Apatite, Citrine, Amethyst.

FRAME SIZE: 30cm X 30cm


IMPORTANT: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.