Golden Spiral

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DESCRIPTION: The Fibonacci sequence, also known as The Golden Ratio, is seen in structures as vast as galaxies or as intricate as DNA and has long been the symbol of life. The spiral is associated with notions of divine balance and cosmic harmony and acts as a map for spiritual growth. The Sacred Geometric pattern allows structures to scale infinitely without changing their core shape, resulting in the pattern’s recurrence throughout the natural world. The natural spiralling pattern chooses the path of least resistance, manifesting an energy-efficient flow, naturally seeking equilibrium and the interconnected nature of all things. This Crystal Grid invites you to sit in the present moment, embrace life’s flow, and trust the journey. Each step on the path plays an integral role in forward movement and reflection of how far you have travelled on your journey.

BENEFITS: Continues movement, strength, flow of life, dynamic stability, powerful grounding, and protection, Earth energy anchoring, balance and alignment of spirit, mind and body, life force energy, vitality, transformation, empowerment, convert negative energy into a gently flowing positive spiral.

INSPIRATION: Anchoring in ancient life force energy, the Ammonite crystal is the remains of shelled creatures once living on planet Earth millions of years ago. The energies of this ancient fossil embody abundant strength, perseverance, harmony, protection, grounding and longevity.

CRYSTALS: Ammonite, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, Green Apatite, Hematite.

FRAME SIZE: 30cm X 30cm


IMPORTANT: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.